How To Backup Your WordPress Site To Wasabi Using Green Backup?

If you’re a WordPress site owner, ensuring the safety of your valuable content through regular backups is essential. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll walk you through the process of effortlessly backing up your WordPress site to Wasabi using the powerful Green Backup plugin.
Backup WordPress to Wasabi – using Green Backup Pro [2024 Tutorial]
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Prerequisites: Get Green Backup Pro

Before we get started, make sure you have the Green Backup Pro version to unlock the full potential of your backups. Head over to Green Backup Pro to upgrade your plugin.

Backup Your WordPress Site To Wasabi Using Green Backup
Download Green Backup Pro Now!

Step 1: Install Green Backup Pro

Begin by installing Green Backup Pro on your WordPress site. Activate the plugin and navigate to the Green Backup settings, paying special attention to the DigitalOcean Spaces tab.

Step 1: Once you have purchased the right plan for you, log in to your GreenWPX member area to download the plugin and copy the activation key.

  1. Download and save the plugin zip file to your desktop.
  2. Copy your Serial key.

Step 2: Install the plugin on your WordPress site.

  1. On your WordPress Dashboard click on the Plugins on the left side menu.
  2. On The Plugins page click “Add New Plugin”.

Step 2.1 : Import the zip file of the downloaded plugin.

  1. Click to browse your desktop and choose the zip file of the plugin that you downloaded from the member area.
  2. Click “Install Now”

Then you will be redirected to this page, and click the “Activate Plugin” button.

And the Plugin it will be Activated:

Step 3: Active The Pro Version:

  1. Paste the license key that you obtained from the GreenWPX member area.
  2. Click the “Activate” button.
  3. Congratulations! Once you receive that message, you are good to go. Let’s move on to the next step.

Step 2: Set Up Wasabi Account

If you don’t have a Wasabi account, create one. Once logged in, click on “Groups,” then click on “Create Group.”

Write a name for your group, and then click “Save.”

Next, click on “Users,” then click on “Create User.”

In the following step, create a username, then check the box for “Programmatic” (to create an API key), and then click “Next.”

Next, search for the group name we just created, select it, and then click “Next.”

In the policy, select “Wasabi Full Access.”

And click “Next”.

Finally click “Create User” .

Your access key is ready for download.

Step 3: Connect Wasabi to Green Backup

Head back to Green Backup settings, choose Wasabi, and paste your access key in the secret key field. Now, let’s get the bucket name and region code.

Go back to your Wasabi account, click on “Buckets” in the left menu, then click on “Create Bucket.”

Give it a name and choose a region that’s near your server, then click “Next.”

Click “Next”.

And finally, click on “Create Bucket.”

Once your bucket is created, copy the name of the bucket.

Paste the name of the bucket.

Copy the region code.

Copy the region code and paste it into Green Backup Pro settings. Then click “Save Settings.”

Voila! Your Wasabi storage is now seamlessly connected with Green Backup Pro.

Step 5: Create a Wasabi Backup

Let’s create a backup. Go to the Backups tab in Green Backup, customize your backup preferences by selecting what to backup—themes and plugins, uploads folder and database, or a full backup. Choose Wasabi as the storage location, then click on “Backup Now.”

Watch the backup progress bar until it completes.

Once done, you can verify your Wasabi bucket to confirm the successful upload.

Step 6: Schedule Backups to Wasabi

Now, let’s schedule backups to Wasabi for added convenience. In the Schedule tab, set your preferred frequency, choose Wasabi as the storage location, and enable the schedule.

Step 7: Restore from Wasabi

Accidents happen, but if you ever need to restore your site, it’s a breeze. Download the backup from Wasabi based on the file name, which contains the date and time when it was taken.

Use the import feature in Green Backup to restore it, and then click on “Upload Backup.”

Once the import is done, click on “Restore This Backup.”

Lastly, just confirm by clicking “Okay,” and your WordPress site will be back to the data and time specified in the file name. Click on “Restore This Backup.”


Congratulations! You’ve successfully configured Green Backup to seamlessly back up your WordPress site to Wasabi. Your website’s security is now in excellent hands. If you found this tutorial helpful, give it a thumbs up, and consider upgrading to Green Backup Pro for more advanced backup features.

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Happy backing up!

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